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Following are covered by the warranty:

kuyeboard provides 6 months warranty for boards and 3 months warranty for parts (*when customers buy the parts separately) which starts from the day the package is delivered to customers.

FYI, All defects caused by the skateboard itself, such as the motor does not work, the ESC cannot be paired with the remote control, cannot be started, etc., are covered by the warranty. We would exchange the defective accessory with functionally equivalent ones which are equivalent to the original parts in performance and reliability.



(1) Hub Motor


(3) Battery

(4) Remote

(5) Charger


Following are not covered by the warranty:

①. Warranty does not cover easy-broken parts: such as Front wheels, Deck, Belt,Grip Tape, PU Sleeves.

②. The warranty excludes the damage that caused by customer themselves, such as damage from violence, modifications, unauthorized repairs and failure to follow the instructions in the user manual, damage caused by negligence, including using the battery for a long time with high power but not timely charging, or other damage caused byabuse.

③. The waterproof level of kuyebo skateboard which can prevent sputtering water and dust under normal conditions.Water resistant means that our boards won’t let water in?easily. So if you drive on a wet road your board should not break. But if you skate over puddles or even submerge your board into water.There is a high likelihood that water will get to electric parts. It is also pretty dangerous when you are riding in rain, especially for accelerating, braking or turning. The internal accessories are not waterproof, and the battery label will show red if water enters. kuyebo

④. kuyeboard doesn't support any transaction and resold skateboards. Warranty is only available to the original purchaser. Second hand are not covered under warranty.kuyebo

⑤. As shipping and importing a kuyeboard from overseas back to China is much costly, we don't provide return for kuyeboards delivered.


If there is a/some part of your product you received has quality problem we will send you a replacement part for free (The warranty covers all the defects that are caused by kueyeboard company, such as Motor stops working, ESC is unable to pair with the remote, and Board is unable to be turned on etc...)and help you to replace parts under our guidance. We are responsible for diagnosing and sending free parts until the board is fixed. For example, if we sent a battery and the problem still exists, we will keep sending ESC, Remote, Motors, or whatever is needed until the moment the right part is replaced and the board is fixed. We reply to all questions within 1-2 days(not include holidays). Youwould get replacement parts within (3-15days for US)and (15-30days for other countries).More info please contact our Customer Service Support via


All components, such as an extra charger or battery can be purchased separately in our shop. kuyeboard could be easily repaired by replacing the broken part. We always diagnose and send free replacement parts for boards under warranty. Shipping fee of replacement will be include in warranty.


We reply to all questions within 1-2days(not include holiday). You would receive replacement parts within 3-15 (US Customer), 15-30(other countries) days if there is ever an issue with your board.



1.Order number is necessary

2.Board stolen will not be covered by the warranty.

3.Video or pictures are necessary evidence for our After-sale Service.



As shipping and importing a kuyeboard from overseas back to China is much costly, we don't provide return for kuyeboards delivered.

Generally, you can cancel your order and get refund only when the products are not shipped yet. And you need to email We will refund you in 7 business days, usually the same day when we read your email of request.


PS: Customer who use PayPal should notice the following


PayPal has made additional changes to the user agreement. Hence, there will be an additional 5% service charge for each order refund Customer needs to pay for the 5% service charge if they cancel their order. Or it would be deducted from customer's refund.